Hire Live Email Agents

Email support is one of the most convenient channels for customers. Our highly trained agents can help you reach inbox zero while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. No more backlogs for your business.

Customer Happiness

Email is still one of the preferred ways for customers to get in touch with a business. Customers hold email support to a higher standard than live chat or phone, so a quality email support team is worth its weight.

English Wordsmiths

Most people can hold a conversation in English over Live chat or phone, but not everyone can draft a helpful email. Our agents are able to handle the most jaded or irate customers with their thoughtful, well-researched and empathetic messages.

Problem Solvers

Emails allow for deeper problem solving for customers. We don’t just answer questions, we aim to impress your customers with high-quality responses tailored to each unique situation.

Clean Your Inbox

Your email inbox can fill up pretty quickly because emails often take longer to respond to. That won’t stop us from making that inbox go from 100 to 0 real quick!

Quick Response Times

Speedy responses are the cornerstone of great customer service. Just because it’s email support doesn’t mean customers should be kept waiting. Incoming emails get solved as quick as they come!

Email Accuracy Scores

We measure our agents ability to solve issues through email successfully. When appropriate, we’ll make adjustments and report any changes that help.


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