Hire Call Center Voice Agents

Many customers still prefer the human touch of speaking to someone over the phone, but many companies find phone support to be prohibitively expensive and tricky to schedule. Let Biz Outsource take care of all of this.

Call Center

Biz Outsource can act as a call center for your business. Our team is able to handle any form of phone support including sales, support, telemarketing, appointments, phone answering, and escalation services.

Inbound Calls

Our voice agents are capable of handling all your inbound calls. We can be a single point of contact for handling all troubles that your customer’s are calling about. We’re on stand by waiting to serve your customers one to one via phone calls.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are perfect for reaching existing customers and for finding new ones. Whether it’s telemarketing cold calls, customer service calls, post sales follow ups, marketing research, or any reason – we got you covered.

Neutral English Accent

It’s frustrating when your customers can’t understand what your support team is trying to say. We’ve been there! Our agents all speak fluent English with neutral accents.

Problem Solving

All of our agents are trained to be empathetic and understand that when customers are calling in, things are much more personal. We make sure they are comfortable and get their issues resolved.

Quality Assurance

Monitoring phone calls is a time-consuming activity that many companies can’t afford which can lead to lower quality support. We gladly review phone calls to maintain our high quality standards.

Lower Your Costs

Phone support is always more expensive than text based support. With our voice agents, inbound and outbound calls can be solved with affordable high quality English speaking agents.


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